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about the app

Learn more about the app

Works for all players

An app designed with simplicity in mind. You don't need any experience with crypto to use GolfN. On the course, it won't get in your way. Use it as much or as little as you want.

Let’s begin

GolfN is your digital caddie. Play at more than 30,000+ courses worldwide and get rewarded for completing in game achievements designed to help you lower your scores.

Check into the round verified by GPS

Use the app as little or as much as desired throughout the round

Earn with tons of exciting in-app utility

Step 1

Equipping cards

GolfN gamifies on-course activity with unique collectibles allowing for tons of different ways to boost reward opportunities for players. Don't understand NFTs? We got you! Cards are easily rented without the need for a crypto wallet, directly in app!

Collectors earn rewards for completing various card sets and from rental reward splits. Players earn by equipping cards during a golf round to maximize on-course earnings.

To earn rewards, players check into the round using GPS verification, and check out when done.

Want to really play? Optional bonus activities include:

Playing with 1 or more friends

Tracking scores in the digital scorecard

Tracking shot performance hole by hole

Playing during off-peak hours

Completing a round faster than the course avg

Step 2

On-course activities

All the features those other caddie apps have, with awesome rewards built in. The score a player shoots doesn't matter. Rewards are simply determined by card rarity & attributes as well as engagement activities while on the course.

Step 3


At the end of a round, players are shown the total rewards they've accumulated along with any stats they tracked from their round of golf.


More about rewards


When NFTs are rented from the community, rewards are shared back with the owner of whichever cards were rented for that round.

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